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Welcome to OriginGreenenergy

We are India’s premier, and comprehensive Solutions provider for Solar Power solutions and Renewable Energy Solutions. It's time we think about our mother earth and switch to the non-conventional sources of energy such as Solar energy & Renewable Energy, the energy received from the Nature - Free of Cost!.

With over 18 years of expertise in setting up and managing IT & Business infrastructure for leading organizations we gradually spread to cater areas like

Solar Power Solutions
Renewable Energy

As you may be aware, Global warming and Consumption of electricity important in todays life. ORIGIN focuses on maintaining the highest level of quality in all services, believing that the customer values the way in which the company delivers the service just as much as they value the actual services offered.

  Type II/1, Dr. V.S.I Estate, OMR, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600 041
  Tel: 044-42940606
  Fax : 044-22542141
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